5 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “Grail””

  1. My memory of this episode wasn’t as bad as Chip’s obvious distaste for it at the end of the Signs and Portents podcast. As I started the episode, I was thinking “yeah – what is Chip talking about this is fine”… then by about mid-way I was “hmm yeah this is dragging a bit maybe Chip was right”… but the end I was “thankgod this is over, Chip knows what he’s talking about”. Did his commentary colour my thoughts on this 5th viewing or so?

    I think I mainly remembered the B plot, with the engineer from all the other stations, yeah the story is a bit goofy – BUT – its still the first time they really talk about the other stations and their demise with any details and this carried the episode past.

    And really, Delenn is SOO enamoured by anything who is crazy enough to believe so strongly in something nobody else believes in? She should be respecting a heck of a lot of crazy folk then!

    1. I think it speaks rather well of the Minbari that Delenn puts a high premium on those who dedicate themselves to chasing Grails (and tilting at windmills, depending on your p.o.v.). You make a fair point, though. Maybe there is something to distinguish crazy but noble and nevertheless worthwhile quests from those that are just plain crazy?

  2. Chip – I am really surprised that you didn’t catch that David Warner HAS been on Doctor Who. He was the Russian scientist in Cold War with the Ice Warrior Grand Marshall Skeldak (sp?).

    I’m really enjoying the reviews. I’ve seen the series 4 or 5 times at least, and listening to the Audio Guide, I’m picking up on more and more little things that I didn’t catch on any of my watchings. I’m looking forward to watch #6 in the near future. Thank you Chip, Erica and Shannon for a great podcast!!

  3. I thought there was an interesting parallel between this episode and the episode of Doctor Who in which David Warner guest starred. (Yes, he’s been on Doctor Who!) In both, an alien who’s never been seen out of its armor/encounter suit kills people with some sort of sneaky tentacle, and its true form is only revealed toward the end of the show.

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