5 thoughts on “Earhart’s: “Eyes” Spoiler Space”

  1. Maybe one that’s better designed for being watched as it originally was rather than as it’s watched now. When one watches all of season one in a compressed period of time, Eyes is a little too much like a combination of And the Sky, Full of Stars and Survivors.

    With a touch of By Any Means Necessary in its moustache-twirling villain – although to be fair, Eyes does give Ben Zayn a believable personal motive for his vendetta, and there’s a hint that he’s otherwise a competent officer with a distinguished career. The performance may perhaps be more at fault than the writing in making the character so uninterestingly transparent a bad guy.

    But I inevitably view this episode with the knowledge that Sinclair’s not going to be around for long anyway, and that weakens its impact for me.

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