10 thoughts on “Earhart’s: “TKO” Spoiler Space”

  1. So. Watch your back, Garibaldi he says. Oh my frickin god, I had forgotten JMS dropped that little throw away line in there, and of course we all know what happens in Chrysalis… Just about fell off my chair!!!

  2. More breathing space… a little bit more development of Ivanova’s character… a throwaway line that returns to haunt Garibaldi … and a some social comment about exclusiveness using a form of fighting that is now unacceptable.

    Michael O’Hare just doesn’t do the scene with the Rabbi discussing Ivanova’s father’s death at all well. Though he has a genuine and beautiful smile when the rabbi compliments the B5 station. I have struggled with his acting all season and I think that if he had continued I would have turned off when I originally watched the series.

    Watchable though I tended to tune out during the Mutai fight (it wasn’t boxing) scene (phew phew fighting with ‘lasers’ is different).

    It gets us closer to season 2 when the replacing of O’Hare with Boxleitner lifts the whole series.

    1. I feel O’Hare’s style of acting, when it’s on form, is quite good for emotional realism. I don’t think he’s doing here other than what the script asks for. He’s a civil servant, a nice guy, but not command class material.

      TKO and the arc? We learn more about the colder aspects of Susan’s personality, foreshadowing her move to becoming a warmer person. But no, not much. Probably because, I see, TKO includes only three of the regular cast. Not one cameo. How odd.

  3. Random question that feels like it belongs in spoiler space- Do you plan to do the movies and Crusade once you’re done with the original show?

    1. That’s (shudder) about four years in our future (we really wish we had the time to release weekly), so we’ll cross that bridge a little later.

  4. TKO, like The War Prayer, is an episode that doesn’t actually fit where it’s placed in/on the Lurker’s Guide, and honestly ought to have either been left in the order in which it originally aired or watched much, much earlier, although, unlike with The War Prayer, I don’t have a definitive earlier placement for it to suggest (which is, I think, due to how narrowly self-contained it is).

    As far as the episode itself is concerned independent of when/where it actually ought to be watched, I like it much more than any of the hosts do, largely because it IS a character piece that is so narrowly self-contained, and also fleshes out the broader internal reality of the series.

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