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  1. I enjoyed the podcast, as always.

    For me at least, the Kosh-Sheridan relationship has never quite affected me emotionally the way that I’m sure it was meant to. There’s just not enough that happens, or that Kosh actually does as part of his supposed connection with Sheridan. (Yes, he does save Sheridan’s life.)

    The Lurker’s Guide indicates that JMS originally had Kosh’s death planned for a little later in the series, and I wonder if some development of the relationship was lost in the acceleration.

    1. Mmm. Good cast. The nail on the head is that much of their relationship happens off screen. Kosh at council meetings? Training to fight legends? Well, we just don’t see enough of it. It doesn’t help that comes the inquisitor is a big intro to this training while also thoroughly horrible viewing at times. On the plus, it’s powerful foreshadowing on the horrible nature of the vorlons. Valen, I’m such a buzz kill tonight.

  2. Comes the Inquisitor is definitely a fabulous episode. One of my favorites, only really let down for me by the overdone “Jack!” stuff in the last scene.

    Another problem is the fake religious-revelation attached to Kosh’s action of saving Sheridan’s life. I can’t remember when it’s suggested first that this is because Vorlons have mucked around with other species’ make-up, but whenever that does come up, it undercuts what would otherwise be one of the main positive things that Kosh does in the entire series.

  3. The last six episodes of this season are all fantastic, and I can’t wait until the podcast gets to them. But then season three really cranks up. So much great stuff to look forward to! So hard to wait!

  4. So, when you think about it, the Shadow plot to suborn Earth and make its leadership more compatible with their aims, a conspiracy years if not decades* in the making**, with fellow travellers in the PsiCorps and the Future GOP, almost becomes unravelled because when it comes down to the all-important question “How do we get our guy off the ship before it goes boom?” the best they can come up with is a SICKNOTE?

    “Litltle Johnny cannot be on EarthForce One when it blows up today because he has a cold…”

    * Centuries? The creation of Telepaths…
    ** Whereas their pact with the Centauri seems a much later development, based on Morden’s auditioning of Londo, G’Kar and even Delenn in the first season – I wonder why?

    1. The creation of Telepaths was a Vorlon thing, and yes it was centuries in teh making because they knew the Shadows would be back and moved slowly with the modification.

      As for why they are already at Earth though, my guess it would have to do with the Icarus being their “first contact” of this cycle. Since they had a bunch of humans who were either subjugated or agreed to work with them they started there. The assassination conspiracy wouldn’t have taken more than a couple months to plan, especially as Santiago/Clark were only recently re-elected at that point. And Bester later in the series clearly states that the changes in Psi-Corp have been recent.

      1. Also, I don’t know that the Shadows really would care that much about Clark as an individual. (I tend to think that Justin is sincere in Z’Ha’Dum that the Shadows see potential in humanity.) If Clark’s guilt is discovered, it doesn’t affect the Shadows as long as they get to remain in the, err, umm, shadows. They move on to the next ambitious human leader.

        In fact, speculating, given the Shadows’ general views on life, it might be that they would regard this as a test for Clark, and if he can’t manage to cover everything up, then he didn’t deserve their support in the first place.

        One of the impressive things that B5 achieves is that all this conspiring on the part of our heroes basically comes to nothing, because Clark is already in a position to declare martial law when things come to a head – and yet this doesn’t feel unsatisfying.

  5. Question – do you think the Shadows pushed for the Earth civil war as a way to cut off the supply of telepaths in the event of the war they knew was coming? Or is this really obvious and I am being slow?

    1. That’s an interesting idea.

      I’d always imagined that it was basically ideological: the Shadows were looking to strengthen those elements in humanity that were hostile to other species as part of their agenda of promoting progress through conflict.

      But it’s made pretty clear in S4 that both the Shadows and the Vorlons are really more devoted to defeating each other than they are to their ostensible beliefs, and your theory fits better with that.

      Maybe not an either/or.

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