Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “Divided Loyalties”

A long-missing character returns, and revelations pop up all OVER the place! If you’ve never seen B5 before, or if you’d like to make some comments about “Divided Loyalties” itself without taking into account future episodes, this is the place.

8 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “Divided Loyalties””

  1. I can not wait for Steven’s reaction to Talia’s surprise twist! I hope he’s a guest! 😀

    For me having seen this series so many times, the revelation seems obvious, but I don’t recall it being so on the original watch – what was Steven’s thoughts on who the sleeper was as the episode progressed?

    1. I don’t remember ever suspecting anything before this episode, or at the beginning of it, but as the episode went on the structure of it makes it painfully obvious it’s going to be Talia. Had this been another ep where she’s barely in it until the reveal it would have been a swerve for me.

      Not that the reveal isn’t great and emotional. But I saw it coming halfway through the ep the first time.

  2. I really regret that I never saw this the way it should have been seen, after seeing all the S1 Talia episodes that establish the character as a significant part of the show.

    Instead, when I saw this, I barely knew who Talia was. Obviously, I could pick up from the episode itself that she had appeared before, but I had no clue that at one point she had been set up to play an integral role in the overall story of B5.

    And when, thanks to the TNT reruns, I did see S1 and the S2 episodes that I missed, Talia’s every appearance was overshadowed by the knowledge of what was going to happen.

    It’s a credit to the episode that I still remember it as having a great deal of power as a viewing experience at the time, even when the focus of all that was a character who might as well have been completely new. One of the best S2 episodes.

    1. The thing about Ivanova possibly being a suspect relates back to Laurel Takashima in the pilot. Ivanova replaced her in the series. It was her who originally was supposed to shoot Garibaldi in the back at the end of Season 1. Then she was possibly going to be revealed in this episode. With both Lyta and Laurel being replaced things got shuffled around.

  3. A brilliant episode. I think this is the episode I saw when visiting my in-laws in California – watching the satellite feed. I saw it a bunch of times there. One of those episodes that aired first in the UK.

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