6 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-Free Discussion of “Atonement””

  1. “I am the very model of a modern major-general.” I love the ending to this episode. It always makes me laugh.

  2. I never liked Callenn in this episode, he is an arrogant, condescending filth in this episode, and it shows clearly, not only in his actions but also in his tone of voice.

    “You may find reasons for the things you are doing that you do not realise. You may even find that they are the wrong reasons.”- his last words to Delenn before she entered the dreaming.

    With those words he had meant to lead her dreaming down a certain path, to sew doubt in her mind, to control the dreaming.

    Until Delenn realised later what the dreaming was truly telling her, she was playing right into his hands.

  3. Not done listening to the podcast yet, but I think our hosts make an interesting point about this being a natural pairing with The Illusion of Truth.

    I’d add that this pairing is one of the places where I think the story is damaged to some extent by the loss of Sinclair as a central character. (By which, as always, I do not mean the replacement of O’Hare by Boxleitner as an actor.) In particular, the stuff about “Minbari War Syndrome” in TIoT would have packed an additional punch as a revival from a new perspective of themes associated with Sinclair’s character in S1.

    1. Excellent point about Minbari War Syndrome. Raising the symmetrical possibility/accusation that each might be with the other due to psychological “damage” rather than genuine love could have made for some excellent storytelling and character exploration. It could also have provided an opportunity for JMS to take a well-deserved shot at those who tend to pathologize others’ choices and positions (“You only say that because [insert uninformed half-baked armchair psychoanalysis here]”).

  4. I believe that Andreas Katsulas’ natural eye color was brown, which means that the blue eye was also a contact. Blue just probably made a better contrast with red.

    I also absolutely love Richard Biggs and Jason Carter together. Their on-screen chemistry may be at least party explained with the fact that they also hit it off excellently off-screen becaming best friends, until Biggs’ untimely death.

  5. Our hosts may not have watched Thirdspace, but I did so I’m going to discuss it!

    Some random-ish connections back to the main series:

    The shortages caused by the Earth blockade are mentioned again, although again they don’t seem to be having any actual impact on operations.

    Ivanova is not stuck behind a desk. This is a really good “episode” for Claudia Christian with lots to do. I noticed that in the big space battle around the artifact, Ivanova is in command of the station forces, not Delenn.

    IPX must be very confident about their “multi planetary corporation” status to be willing to defy the Earth regime.

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