8 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-Free Discussion of “Rumors, Bargains, and Lies””

  1. Public service notice. Just spotted that US iTunes has the complete series for sale for $70, or individual episodes for 99c. So if you’re feeling the urge to get a digital copy, this seems to be a good moment.

  2. Hello Good people!

    First post ever for me, warning: might be a long post.
    Also: I am dutch, so please forgive any grammatical or spelling mistakes.
    Because of the audio guide I have started (and finished) watching all of babylon 5 (including movies and crusades) with my wife, and very much enjoying the whole experience, and then going back to listen to all spoiler spaces.
    I love what you do, and thank you for all those hours of podcasting gold!

    Why am I posting now? Because I was kind of irritated at something in this show which I think you overlooked; and I want to speak up about it.
    In the episode about ‘Rumors, Bargains and Lies’ you had some talk about the awareness of Delenn (or lack there-off) of the actions of her own class, and the question of her picking up of the threads that were left hanging by Lenier in the things that he says.
    My answer to this is: most definitly yes.
    Let me explain.
    Very early on the show, it is made clear to us that the Membari culture is based on honor; and that this means (among other things) that sometimes truth is substituted for something that is (in these eyes of Membari) more agreeable, or rather, not shaming those in question. It is shown in some of the earlier episodes how Membari treat truth, and it is made mention of multiple times.
    This is not a strange thing in real life. There are lots of cultures in real life (some eastern cultures for example) that have some of these behaviors that the law-and-truth-based western cultures find unfathomable. Why does someone say one thing and mean something else?
    The thing is, and this is my argument: The people of that culture know exactly what is going on, and are not so confused as we outsiders. this way of talking around a thing has sometimes to do with politeness, and not at all with the willful withholding of information.

    It sounded rather strange to me to assume that Delenn, who is Membari herself, would not understand what Lenier was getting at, while we, the outsiders, can read it in his lines. (of course, because we watched it, but still)
    Putting aside the whole issue of Delenn being naive, I do not believe for a second we are to believe that she does not know what is going on. (further emphasized by her Obvious sarcasm and tone in her conversations in the episode)

    This does leave the issue of Lenier and his ‘protection’ of Delenn. I do think that he wants to protect Delenn of being confronted with her class’ behaviour directly. He wants to ‘soften the blow’ I think. I know a lot more can be discussed about the subject, but I think it is much more plausible than to assume that Delenn is blatantly unaware of her own culture and its trappings. I think we should give her more credit than that.

    So please forgive me for the long rant, it is just because I love the audioguide and you people so much that I could not let this slide.
    Much love from me and my wife, best to you all,
    and of course, Neroon is the best.

    1. I haven’t listened to the episode yet, so I can’t speak to your main point. But before I plug in and listen to the podcast, I wanted to welcome you to the nuthouse. I look forward to the addition of your voice to our discussions.

      1. Welcome David and wife. You make your point strongly and have convinced me. Delenn is no stranger to multiple truths. This scene is interesting in that its so explicitly giving us Lenniers truth, his truth for others and Lenniers Delenns truth, or what he thinks it is.

  3. The League of Non-Aligned Worlds as silly children is kind of the point..the impetus on which Sheridan’s conflict turns, and has turned much in the past. “An invisible enemy” isn’t a particular stretch from what the show has set up, but yes, it occasionally felt over-played, for laughs. Perhaps if instead of meeting with Franklin in the hallway it was at the more dignified Fresh Air restaurant.

  4. Thanks mr Luke,
    I feel validated 🙂
    Also, impressive resume.
    You seem to have some credentials when it comes to psychology.
    Until another interesting comment then.
    Good day to you sir!

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