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Episode 5: “Infection”

We’ll come right out and say it: “Infection” ain’t exactly high art. There’s some stuff that works, some stuff that REALLY doesn’t, and more than a few allusions to the future of the series. That makes it worth watching, considering and enjoying (in places) with your co-hosts, who debate organic technology and soliloquies. And one of them keeps wailing “IKARRRAAAA!” to the heavens.

DVD Box Sets Are Cheap at Amazon Right Now!

The “repackaged” Babylon 5 season and movie box sets currently are only $14.99 at Amazon US, and we’ve heard of similar deals at Amazon CA. If you don’t already have the series, this is even less expensive than digital media.

And while we’re at it…

Episode 4: “Born to the Purple”

Babylon 5‘s first proper love story revolves around the most unlikely subject, Londo Mollari, while security chief Garibaldi tracks down someone who’s making clandestine phone calls over the super-secure line. Will it lead to sabotage? Point to conspiracy? Or provide a weepy character moment?

Meanwhile, on 2014 Earth, Chip repeatedly gets himself into trouble for making unfavorable analogies to movies and television shows that Erika and Shannon like and Erika unforgivably steals Chip’s thing.

“Soul Monkey: The Single”

Soul Monkey (A Babylon 5 Parody in the Style of JoCo)

God help you all, a few of you seemed to like it, so here’s “Soul Monkey” in all its glory as a digital single.

“Soul Monkey (A Babylon 5 Parody in the Style of JoCo)” is based on Jonathan Coulton‘s song “Code Monkey,” which was released under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 3.0), with new lyrics and vocals by Chip Sudderth. You can buy Coulton’s music at his web store.