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Episode 2: “Midnight on the Firing Line”

Now we’re cookin’ with phased plasma! The first season of B5 opens with “Midnight on the Firing Line,” which moves like a Ferrari compared to “The Gathering.” (Totally a Volvo: dependable and robust, yet slightly lacking in the zero-to-60s.) What do we think of the new faces? Are Ivanova and Winters a step forward or backward? Meanwhile, in spoiler territory, someone puts on his grumpy face over his co-hosts’ assessment of Commander Sinclair.

Episode 1: “The Gathering” (pilot movie)

And so it REALLY begins! Erika watched BOTH the original edit and the TNT-funded producer’s cut! Shannon mourned the Gravity Rings! (She wasn’t alone.) That’s right, we’re officially starting the Audio Guide to Babylon 5 with the pilot movie, “The Gathering.”

“Holla at MURDER, SHE WROTE. Woo!”

Episode 0: “And So It Begins”

Welcome to The Audio Guide to Babylon 5! Herewith our manifesto: this is a book club without books, an episode-by-episode walkthrough of one of the most influential and important modern SF series. Each podcast begins with a spoiler-free discussion of the episode for new viewers, then we give listeners a jumping-off point and switch to a discussion of how the episode fits into the five-year history of the show. Here’s our 000th episode, “And So It Begins,” where we tell new viewers why you should watch Babylon 5 and help you prepare for your journey.

The Zocalo will be open soon!

The Audio Guide to Babylon 5
is coming soon! Every two weeks, hosts Erika Ensign from Verity! and The Incomparable and Chip and Shannon Sudderth from Two-minute Time Lord (plus the occasional Very Special Guest) will take you through another episode of Babylon 5, one of the greatest televised science fiction epics ever.

Think of this as a book club for TV. If you’ve never seen B5 before, let us be your guides. The beginning of each podcast will be aimed at you: we’ll talk about a B5 episode on its own merits, with no spoilers for future episodes. Then we’ll sound an appropriate spoiler warning and change gears to discuss the episode in the context of the entire run. What worked? What didn’t? And why, for all that’s holy, can you still buy Zima on the Zocalo? 

Look for Episode Zero, in which Erika, Shannon and Chip lay out their game plan and announce our starting point — “The Gathering,” “In the Beginning” or “Midnight on the Firing Line”? — coming soon.