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Episode 35: “Hunter, Prey”

Hunter, comma, Prey.

Your humble hosts pretty much agree that this is not only a good episode, it’s the first episode of Babylon 5 that is purely arc-driven: it’s all about what came before and sets up what is to come. Let’s talk about conspiracies, singing ships and hapless doctors!

Episode 34: “Acts of Sacrifice”

The long-awaited Ivanova Dance edition of B5AG is here! Did anything else happen in this episode? As a matter of fact, quite a lot. Weep for G’Kar. Curse Londo. Snicker with Taq. Boom. Shubba-lubba.

And, as always, don’t miss our spoiler and non-spoiler discussion threads!

Episode 33: “All Alone in the Night”

This is possibly a first in Babylon 5 history: the B5AG crew cites Ross Perot in an otherwise serious critical analysis.

Meanwhile, Captain Sheridan is all alone in the night, Delenn is all alone in the night, a pilot whose call sign may as well have been “Dead Meat” is all alone in the night, and I seem to recall that a certain space station was described as being all alone in the night, I’m not sure. Oh, and it’s time for the series’s second jab at those poor, misunderstood abducting gray aliens.

Episode 32: “GROPOS”

Paul Winfield comes onto the station as General Richard Franklin (no relation to the Doctor Who actor, sorry) and brings 25,000 ground pounders with him as, one episode after the Narn-Centauri war began, our favorite space U.N. quickly takes on a decidedly military tone. Is “GROPOS” underrated? Were you squirming in your seats at Garibaldi and Dodger’s attempted assignation? For God’s sake, what about Keffer? And, for you folks who stick with us into the spoiler section–what is Chip’s greatest fear?

Episode 31: “The Coming of Shadows”

In every story worth its salt, there’s at least one pivot point. We’ve already had a couple in Babylon 5.

B5AG guest and Radio Free Skaro host
Steven Schapansky

This one won a Hugo. That made it a perfect time for our Control Group, Steven Schapansky of Radio Free Skaro and Lazy Doctor Who, to come back once more.

“He said…pick a target.”

Episode 29: “A Race Through Dark Places”

It’s the most pivotal turning point (wait, that’s redundant) yet for Talia Winters, as an underground band of telepaths forces her to face the truth about PsiCorps. All this, a dinner date, Ivanova managing to somehow not kill her commanding officer from his couch, and Bester, too: it’s “A Race Through Dark Places.”

Episode 28: “A Spider in the Web”

Talia Winters…is back!

San Diego…is a wasteland!

John Sheridan is…a truther? (Absolutely not!)

And there’s something sinister lurking within the station–an eponymous spider…in the web…

(Note that we had some audio issues with this recording–not too bad, but a little off our preferred standard. Zathras apologizes.)

Episode 27: “The Long Dark”

The less than dramatic end of the creature
Not the highest point for B5 visual effects

Guest actor Dwight Schultz is more tortured than “Howlin'” in his turn as a former soldier grappling with ghosts in his head and an invisible stalker who likes to snack on human organs. Meanwhile, Dr. Franklin needs to revisit his medical ethics training and a cryogenically suspended visitor from another century is most emphatically not Buck Rogers. Welcome to “The Long Dark”: it’s comin’ for ya!