Sheridan demonstrates his immunity to Lyta's control of the Zocalo.

Episode 108: “Wheel of Fire”

So we can all just breathe now that the conflict with Centauri Prime is over, right? You would be wrong, friend! See Lyta go rogue as she’s never gone rogue before. See John and Delenn realize they’re going to have to add a dependent to their tax status once they’re on Minbar.. See Garibaldi reach a point of no return w/r/t his drinking problem. And see Tracy Scoggins as she’s finally given a hell of a lot to do! All this, and an accidental messiah too…

2 thoughts on “Episode 108: “Wheel of Fire””

  1. I’m in Australia, so don’t listen to the podcasts live, instead waiting for them to show up for download.

    Looking at the Podcasts page, there’s 106 Movements of Fire and Shadow and 108 Wheel of Fire.

    Did something happen to 107?

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