Earhart’s: “Objects in Motion” Spoiler Space

So, there’s only two episodes left after this one. You can discuss this episode and talk about what’s left  in this thread.

(Of the show proper. Yeah, we know there’s more tie-in movies and a try at another series. Hush, we’re having a moment.)

4 thoughts on “Earhart’s: “Objects in Motion” Spoiler Space”

  1. I only recently started listening to this podcast (I’m still back in season 1), so apologies if this has been mentioned already, but I thought your listeners might like to know about a blog where this guy named Mark Oshiro watches and reviews stuff he knows absolutely nothing about beforehand. He’s going to be starting on Babylon 5 on September 20 and reviewing one episode every weekday. The blog can be found at markwatches.net. This guy is really entertaining, and since we all love B5 here, you might enjoy checking it out!

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