Londo and Vir, future emperors?

Episode 53: “Point of No Return”

Poor Zack Allan. He just doesn’t know where to turn. Loyalty drives him to stick with Nightwatch, but he sure doesn’t know where to turn.

Poor President Clark. A big scary alien ship destroyed his big scary alien ship, and now he just doesn’t have any other choice but to implement his martial law, dissolve the Senate, and start hunting down both traitors and “traitors.”

Poor Sheridan. It’s all starting to fall on his head.

Michi Trota
Michi Trota

But yay us! Because we have a special guest for our look back at “Point of No Return”: Michi Trota, managing editor of Uncanny Magazine, one of the leaders of The Chicago Nerd Social Club, fire spinner and renaissance geek. Plus, she likes Robotech, which makes Chip very happy.

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  1. Thanks for the laugh. I was walking home through a highly populated area when you mentioned “Blondie McAryan”.

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