4 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “Point of No Return””

  1. Quick thought that’s new-viewer friendly.

    One of things that’s great about Point of No Return is how effectively it ramps up the tension by depicting Sheridan and Co. as close to powerless, scrambling to improvise responses to a situation driven by what Clark is doing and not what they are doing.. Their victory consists of buying a little more time in which they are still in control of the station, but they are not remotely in control in general.

  2. Away from the main action, I found the Centauri “B” plot interesting for making the Centauri, at least to me, more likeable.

    Londo receives his prophecy from Lady Morella. We’ve seen that the Minbari treat prophecy as an ultimatum from on high, not to be questioned. But for the Centauri the future is possible, not set in stone. You still have free will.

    And there’s Vir laughing at Lady Morella over the notion that he will be Emperor. He’s a diplomatic aide of no importance. She’s royalty! But he can laugh, and she doesn’t have him thrown into a dungeon or something.

    Maybe the Earth diplomats also think the Centauri are more egalitarian than the Minbari, hence the treaty?

    1. Stephen Furst’s giggle is priceless and I love how Vir and Morella have this “another cloth please” chemistry that cuts right past what Londo feels proper; she should be his audience. I’ve no problem reading the affection she feels for Vir influences prophecy.

  3. Such a good episode! At the end it feels like the good guys have gotten a win, only they know it may only be temporary. (And may make things worse.) My favorite part, though, is the final scene with Londo and Vir. Awkies!

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