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Zocalo: Spoiler-Free Discussion of “The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father”

Bester is back yet again, chasing yet another problem telepath to Babylon 5. This time his backup is two brand-new interns, about to get a fast education on pursuit procedures and just what it’s like having to work with mundanes who don’t trust you. Tell us what you thought of this episode here, without spoiling future episodes or any tie-in media.

Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “A View from the Gallery”

Mack and Bo are your guides to the mysterious world of Babylon 5 (and Babylon 5). And yet, you’ve presumably seen four seasons and change, so you pretty much know the place already, right? What did you think of their observations, the unusual format of the show, and what spoo tastes like? (Spoilers for the rest of Season 5 go in the other thread, please!)