Episode 56: “A Late Delivery from Avalon”

We all find different ways to cope with hardship. David Macintyre grabs some chainmail and a prop sword and becomes King Arthur. Cheesy? A weird departure from the story arc? Thematically relevant and touching? What can you say about an episode where the biggest villain is the post office?

Oh, and because B5’s gone Arthurian again, it’s time to bring back Sunspot’s fantabulous 2013 song, “Arthuriana”–the whole track this time! Check them out at sunspotmusic.com.

Episode 55: “Ceremonies of Light and Dark”

After hype, hype and hype again about the Holy Trilogy and especially “Severed Dreams,” is it time for a sudden crash to earth? Or, in the midst of rapidly devolving Nightwatch members and the most insufferable spoken-word computer interface since Siri, do we still find lovely things to chew on? Alert your tailor: it’s time for a uniform change!