Episode 59: “Interludes and Examinations”

Jason Snell
Jason Snell

Chaos! Loss! Destruction! So much awfulness happens to our poor characters in this episode, so of course Jason “Schadenfreude” Snell is back with us! (Also, he’s sitting in for Shannon, who was out sick for this one.) It’s the full meal deal: meat (Kosh and the Vorlons), potatoes (Stephen and the stims), and undefined vegetables that your hosts couldn’t settle on (Londo and … Adira…?). Strap in for a podcast about an episode you can really sink your teeth into.

Episode 58: “Ship of Tears”

Since the station’s secession from the Earth Alliance, it was inevitable that Our Intrepid Heroes’ relationship with perennial antagonist Bester would change. Did you see this coming, however? More to the point, did you expect that in the closing seconds of the episode, “This cold war just got hot”?

(We’ll give you bonus points worth absolutely nothing if you recall the source of that quote.)

“Ship of Tears” always makes one of your cohosts think of the Robert Plant song from _Now and Zen_. Or the line from Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight.” Fortunately, he does not embarrass himself about this fact on the podcast. And therefore no one will ever know which cohost it was.

Episode 57: “Sic Transit Vir”

It’s that lovable scamp Vir’s turn for a love story, and it’s also time for an exploration of the banality of evil and the horrors of genocide. Plus Ivanova gives sex advice and Delenn seasons flarn! You might think that “Sic Transit Vir” has the makings of an uneven episode. Several of your co-hosts might agree with you.