President Sheridan at the command of a White Star.

Episode 106: “Movements of Fire and Shadow”

All year long, Sheridan and Delenn have been trying to pull together a historic political alliance. They’ve been contending with not only the forces of history, but the fundamental forces of people. In “Movements of Fire and Shadow” it all comes to a head. Boom today, and the promise of more booms tomorrow….

One thought on “Episode 106: “Movements of Fire and Shadow””

  1. Regarding the question of “President Jetpack” personally taking a White Star out to settle things, at work I was just recently researching how George Washington personally led the army that he sent to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in the second year of his presidency (though, happily, the rebels all gave up before there was any fighting). The situations aren’t exactly analogous (Washington didn’t have a phone, for instance, so if he wanted to be hands-on with the situation, he actually had to be there), but it’s an interesting historical precedent.

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