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Zocalo: Spoiler-Free Discussion of “The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father”

Bester is back yet again, chasing yet another problem telepath to Babylon 5. This time his backup is two brand-new interns, about to get a fast education on pursuit procedures and just what it’s like having to work with mundanes who don’t trust you. Tell us what you thought of this episode here, without spoiling future episodes or any tie-in media.

Earhart’s: “Learning Curve” Spoiler Space

A second crime boss has been thwarted by security. Will there be a third down the road?

We get a closer look at how Ranger training works and the personalities involved. Will we see more of them once Sheridan and Delenn move the ISA headquarters to Minbar?

Lochley has been overruled a second time on station matters by an ISA leader. Will there be a third and is she going to start fighting this?

Here you can talk about this episode and everything that happens after it.